Why Should I request a Home Warranty With My New Home

A home warranty will cover the repair or replacement of many mechanical and electrical failures.

Your warranty coverage should include the property's plumbing, electrical, central air conditioning and central heating systems, water well system and structural coverage.

A home warranty will provide you with peace of mind after the sale.

During your first year of ownership, a warranty will protect you from unexpected costs of failures due to normal wear and tear on many mechanical systems. Simply call the warranty company when a covered component fails.

Appliances included in the sale are typically covered under the warranty.

Many appliances are covered under the standard coverage, some may be available at an additional charge. Most warranties will cover built-in and stand-alone appliances. Read the warranty contract for details.

Some warranties include various structural coverage.

The warranty may cover structural items, including room leaks, basement, wall, floor and ceiling cracks.

You may request a home warranty along with your Offer to Purchase.

If the seller does not offer you a home warranty, you may write it into your Offer to Purchase as a condition of the sale. Request that the seller to pay for it at time of closing. Request a warranty that offers a comprehensive list of covered items.

Why should I offer a home warranty when I sell my home?

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