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Now more than ever, our homes require maximum functionality. Parents and children alike need ample space to work and learn from home. Whether you're considering buying one of our Akron homes for sale or if you're planning on staying put in your house for the long-term, our real estate agents encourage you to try these tips for creating a functional home office space almost anywhere in your home.

  • Consider Your Needs First
    Before you begin setting up your office space, you first identify your needs. The first question to ask is, who will utilize this space? An office for you alone will have different requirements than one you share with your spouse, roommate, or children. Each user should create a list of needs and a small wish list. For instance, a desk, chair, light source, and storage space for supplies are typical necessities. You may desire a window and view in your office, while your kids may want to hang a small whiteboard on the wall to use during homework.

  • Focus on Existing Spaces
    Now that you know what you need, it's time to find the appropriate space. First, you should look to existing rooms that receive little use. Guest bedrooms, basements, attics, and even four-seasons rooms may be the perfect place for you to create an office space. If these areas are not available, it's time to get creative. Could a nook or corner of a common house a small desk? Could you eliminate a piece of underused furniture, such as a second couch, and instead create a workspace? Is there a cluttered closet that can be cleaned out and repurposed as a study cube for your kids? Even a wide hallway or atrium can be a suitable place for you to accomplish your work.

  • Design to Maximize Functionality & Practicality
    As you begin to design your workspace, you want to keep practicality and functionality as your two main focuses. When it comes to functionality, you need to find a balance that is just above minimalist yet scalable for future needs. For instance, unless you know for certain that you'll fill an entire filing cabinet, purchasing one is not a practical option. However, purchasing a desk that has a few drawers provides extra storage space without taking up physical space. You can also consider a more modestly-sized desk without drawers and add shelving to your walls as you see fit if you're designing an office in a compact space such as a nook.

  • Make the Space Yours
    Finally, you'll want to spruce up the space to make it feel welcoming. Add a splash of color to the walls or d├ęcor, especially blues, greens, and yellows that stimulate the brain. If others are using the space, make sure that they add their own personal touches. Also keep in mind that the rise of virtual learning/working often requires video calls; make sure your space has an acceptable background for these digital chats.

Are you searching for a new house with dedicated office space? We can help. Contact us today to tour our North Canton homes for sale.

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