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Convenient Home Buying - DeHOFF REALTORS®

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that modern technology is a more flexible tool than we ever realized. In the past year, more than just shopping moved online. Businesses big and small realized how productive office workers could be from home. We figured out how to offer even the most location-based services online, and the internet even enabled us to keep some semblance of our social lives, with things like watch parties and Zoom happy hours.

We may be itching to get back to "normal," but we've discovered how some things can be better, too. Buying a home, for instance, will be easier than ever now that we've discovered how much of the traditional process can be done virtually. Here are just a few things that, with the help of one of our real estate agents, are more convenient than ever.

  1. Virtual Tours
    Before 2020, many real estate agents were already starting to offer virtual tours in their listings, with video and 3D pictures accompanying regular images. With everything going virtual, of course, these virtual tours have become much more robust, enabling you to get a much better feel for a property house, just from the listing and virtual tour. Many North Canton homes for sale now include these improved virtual tours in their listings.

  2. Virtual Showings
    Showings can easily be done virtually with the help of a dedicated real estate agent. In a virtual showing, your agent goes to the house and shows you everything you want to see via a video chat. It differs from a virtual tour in that you're in charge here. If you want to look at something in more detail, your real estate agent can show you whatever you want to see. The showing is done in real time, in case you have any questions or want to get another look at something.

  3. Virtual Open Houses
    Yes, even open houses may be offered virtually by enterprising real estate agents! They'll be run a little differently than traditional ones, so be prepared. Instead of being able to explore the house independently, you'll be part of a group Zoom led by the real estate agent, where they show the property and answer questions.

  4. Virtual Closings
    Traditionally, the closing was the most tedious part of buying a house. Who wants to sit in a room at the title company for hours and sign document after document? Fortunately, now this entire process can be done much more conveniently with either a hybrid or fully remote closing. Depending on the closing company and local rules, you may or may not have to meet with the notary in person. Some or all of the documents can be digital and signed electronically.

Modern technology and connectivity can offer so many conveniences that we're only just beginning to realize. In some ways, 2020 was the push we needed to let go of traditional notions that were holding us back. If you've been hesitant to buy a home right now, contact us today to find out just how easy it can be.

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