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Seller Storage Solutions - DeHOFF REALTORS®

Adding storage to your home isn't limited to grabbing plastic bins and stacking them in the attic or garage. Innovative storage solutions enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while cleaning out the junk drawer. Our real estate agents are familiar with some fun and nifty ways to add innovative storage options to your home.

  • Add a loft bed.
    Loft beds are great storage solutions in small bedrooms, especially for children. Kids love sleeping in a loft bed. The loft bed allows you to keep a desk or drawer under the bed for additional storage.

  • Install a variety of garage hooks.
    Plenty of North Canton homes for sale will have a garage full of opportunities to add innovative storage solutions. Garage hooks come in all shapes and sizes and can help you utilize unused vertical space. Use garage hooks to hang ladders, racks, shovels, and other large tools up and off the ground.

  • Back of door storage isn't limited to shoe cubbies.
    The interior-facing side of closet doors is a great place to add storage. You can use the tried-and-true shoe racks method to store tools, spare cable wires, and other similar items. However, shoe rack hooks frequently scratch the bottom of the door frame. Rather than using this tired storage method, you can hang a pegboard to store tools and other objects.

  • Stacked closet rods to maximize space.
    The closet is under-utilized in many homes. Closets usually come with a single rod that is set high in the closet. However, this style usually leaves a lot of space beneath blouses and shirts unused. You can add a stacked rod that has two levels of storage options to double capacity.

  • Add a Hanging garden.
    No, not like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but rather plants that you stick to the wall and watch grow. Can bring your herb garden indoors to survive Ohio winters. Stick-on-wall potted plants add a calming dimension to any room and are relatively low-maintenance. You can teach your kids about responsibility by growing an indoor garden.

  • Build a shed.
    Many Akron homes for sale have big backyards that are perfect for adding a storage shed. Storage sheds can hold yard maintenance tools and equipment. Store your weed whacker, leaf blower, rakes, and garbage bins. If you have kids, keep their outdoor toys in there as well.

  • Get rid of faux drawers.
    Many kitchens have faux drawers, usually around the sink, to accommodate the storage underneath. Make these faux drawers useful by adding a pullout mechanism and adhering to a storage bin behind it. A pullout faux drawer can store sponges, scrubbers, and other kitchen sink tools out of sight.

  • Add a skinny floor cabinet to the bathroom.
    Bathrooms are notoriously space-inefficient. The sink and toilet are rounded and oddly shaped. You can add some easy storage by putting in a skinny floor cabinet underneath the toilet paper roll. The floor cabinet can hold extra toilet paper, bathroom cleaning supplies, and other items that take up space, but you don't want to mix with your face creams and lotions.

  • Turn a platform bed drawer into a doggy bed.
    Do you have a furry friend? You can keep the doggy bed in a platform bed drawer so you can slide it out of sight when needed and pull it out for bedtime.

Storage is a balance between efficiency and aesthetics. You don't want to live in a warehouse, but you also need to keep your house under control. Contact us if you would like to learn more nifty storage solutions for your home.

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