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Front Yard Makeover - Home Sellers - DeHOFF REALTORS®

There's so much to do in spring. Inside you've got spring cleaning, but outside needs major attention as well. However, it's not that hard to make your property's front yard stand out from other North Canton homes for sale or Akron homes for sale. Let's take a look at some of the ways you can makeover your front yard.

  1. Remove or trim back dead or damaged plants.
    Your yard will look neglected if you don't deal with broken limbs, the skeletal remains of last year's perennials, or dead ornamental grasses. Be systematic. Start with the trees and shrubs. You may need to hire a tree specialist to cut down dead shrubs or trim broken limbs. Move on to the flower beds. Trim and bag up the brown twigs, weeds, leaves, and grasses.

  2. Improve the soil.
    Any substantial makeover involves improving the soil. That means improving your turf soil, as well as that in the flower beds. In our climate, it's usually best to apply pelletized compost and a slow-release organic fertilizer in the fall to encourage grass roots to reach deeper in the soil. But you can get away with doing it this spring if you didn't do it before. Also, remember to mow high: Let grass grow 2 to 3 inches to shade out weeds. Also, the higher the grass, the deeper the roots will be.

    In flower beds, add garden soil where needed, supplemented with compost and mulch.

  3. Put that design on paper.
    You may have been dreaming all winter about where to plant another tree, how to expand a flower bed, what new flowers you'd like to add to an existing bed, or what old shrubs you'd like to remove so you can spiff up the yard with new plantings. Draw out your design so you can get a better sense of how it will look. You might show the design to your garden center professional and discuss any potential problems such as too much or too little sun, how to improve problem soil issues, or what to do about a huge tree that inhibits growth and encourages bald spots in the lawn. 

  4. Add some color.
    Start planting this spring with some easy-to-grow but colorful annuals such as Dianthus and Osteospermum. Some of the best annuals to purchase from the garden store for ready-made color in North Canton and Akron gardens are begonias, cosmos, marigolds, pansies, and petunias. Petunias are also picture perfect for hanging baskets and containers—an easy way to add a dash of color to the front porch.

    For longer-lasting results, plant perennials. Ask the garden center which ones will flower in spring, summer, and fall, so you'll have a changing array of colors as the season progresses. Try daylilies; hostas; blanket flower; cannas; phlox; cosmos; and verbena for starters.

    If you're into helping butterflies and wildlife, choose perennials that will feed struggling monarchs, such as butterfly weed or milkweed. Blue mistflower is a great late summer/fall flower to feed monarchs as well.

  5. Go a little wild with outdoor decor.
    Make a pledge to do a little something new out front every year, be it painting a mailbox in a bold new color scheme, adding a decorative chair on the front porch, or installing some pavers in a low area, so it's more fun to walk through a boggy area. Add some lighting to mark the pavers for dramatic effect.

Our real estate agents have many tips that can help you sell or improve your home. Contact us today. 

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