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Selling With an Agent - DeHOFF REALTORS

While the hot seller's market of the last few months has begun to cool down, there are still many people out there looking for North Canton homes for sale or Akron homes for sale. Today's Ohio homeowners easily benefit from the great interest in the local area and meet qualified buyers.

Our real estate agents know you want to get the most value for your home and finish the sales process as quickly as possible. In fact, it's usually for the best when the sale is complete within 30 days. After the 60-day mark, buyers may wonder if something is wrong with the home.

At 90 days, most homes need to be re-listed, which can add months to your timeline.

How can you avoid these issues? To get the results you want, it's crucial not to go it alone.

Many homeowners have been exploring "FSBO" – for sale by owner, the name given to selling without a real estate agent. They may feel that they'll make more money without paying a commission, but the situation is a little more complex than it looks at first.

Selling without an agent can cost you both time and money. On the other hand, the insights of an experienced agent help you maximize your returns, no matter what the housing market looks like.

Let's dive deeper and see how sellers like you benefit from working with an agent:

  • An Agent Attracts More Offers for Your Home
    One of your agent's biggest roles is managing your home's marketing. Agents work hard to publicize your home and keep you in the loop about what's been done on your behalf. They'll lead in developing your listing, open house events, virtual tours, staging, and much more.

  • An Agent Is Your Interface to Buyers
    Any time a home goes on sale, some people will only show up out of curiosity. Your agent helps separate serious and qualified buyers from the rest,  saving dozens of hours you would otherwise spend having conversations that might not go anywhere.

  • An Agent Helps You Price Your Home to Sell
    For the best results, pricing any home needs to be done scientifically. A "priced-to-sell" home is aligned with recent sales of similar homes in the same area. Your agent will do all the research to find a price point that meets your needs while still being enticing enough to draw people to the property.

  • An Agent Helps You Avoid Legal Liabilities
    One detail many buyers and sellers alike aren't aware of is the way an agent protects you from serious paperwork errors. A small oversight in how you describe your home or the forms required for closing can leave you vulnerable to fines, legal problems, and much more.

  • An Agent Helps You Negotiate
    A "bidding war" is the dream scenario for many sellers—it means you have plenty of buyers engaged and interested. But that doesn't mean you simply sit back and watch the sparks fly. Whether you need to consider multiple bids or make a counter-offer, an agent's expertise is invaluable.

  • An Agent Supports You in Informed Decision-Making
    During the selling process, emotions can run high for parties on both sides of the transaction. Your real estate agent is an ally who brings a useful outside perspective to every major question. This has helped countless sellers throughout Ohio make decisions they feel truly confident about.

Contact us at DeHoff Realtors to learn more about your selling opportunities.

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